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Best Android Dating Apps On Google Play

If you’ve taken some time to look through all the Android dating apps available on the Google Play store, then you’ve probably noticed how massive the selection is. Nobody could be expected to download and sign up for all of these, so where should you start?

We’ve selected the top Android dating apps available for download from the Google Play store, along with some other dating apps you’ll have to download elsewhere (we promise it’s worth it!).

Sexbook – Looking for something discrete and casual?

Sex book promises to be more discreet and with every photo you send your date, helping to send every photo anonymously and secure until you’re ready to schedule a time and place to hook up.

As the name suggests, Sexbook is a “dating” app for finding nearby people for casual sex, more accurately it’s a hookup app. Its goal is to be the best choice for men and women who prefer something a bit more discreet and with no commitments.

The app also features some incredible interface design, with features that allow you to pick photos to show off your profile. Sexbook also offers the option to share links so that others can get a sneak peak at your profile without logging in to your account, perhaps if you’re chatting with someone on Snapchat and you want to move the conversation and share sexy photos without giving your phone number.

Hinge – The Best Android Dating App

Hinge is the quintessential dating app. You can swipe right to match or left to pass. This app puts the emphasis on connection rather than wanting to sleep with you. It’s a good way to have some fun before deciding to go on a date with a stranger, all without really committing to anyone.

Hinge is is great for finding quality people who aren’t looking for a serious relationship right away but want to go on dates. Users don’t have to make plans for an immediate meet up, you can message people and follow up once a day. There’s also a location based service where you can browse a potential date nearby before you even agree to meet.

Tinder – The Most Popular Dating App

Tinder is probably the best-known dating app on Android, and it’s still the most popular today. It’s so ubiquitous that the first question you will get from people is probably ‘Have you downloaded Tinder yet?’ It’s incredibly simple, it’s free and it’s fast. What more could you want? You won’t find an abundance of romance, but you will find plenty of hook-ups.

The only downside of Tinder is that it’s usually incredibly competitive. If you are looking for a match, you’re going to have to lower your standards a bit.

OkCupid – The Easiest Way To Find Someone To Date

OkCupid is one of the most popular dating apps on Android, with over 13 million active users. What makes this one stand out from the rest, though, is the fact that it’s completely free. So, even if you can’t afford the monthly fee, you can still use the app.

Happn – A New Way to Meet People Near You

If you’ve ever been on an evening out with friends and found yourself having a hard time remembering everyone’s names, then you’ll love the idea of Happn. It’s basically a location-based dating app which connects users based on the app location rather than their actual Facebook account.

Users can set up profiles which include their location, photo, age, gender and level of interest, so that others can find them more easily. If you’re feeling shy at a social gathering, then this is definitely the app for you.

In Conclusion…

Android is a great platform for dating, as there are tons of great dating apps available to you. You can search for people nearby, meet up with them in person, or schedule a date for the future. Our list includes the best Android dating apps, but it can never be complete, so if we’ve missed out on your favorite dating app, then make sure you let us know in the comments!