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SendPhotos Gold 2.0

With its easy to follow menus and step-by-step instructions, SendPhotos Gold makes sending picture emails easy. Just follow a few simple steps to create a spectacular, professional email with your photos. Even novice users can produce stunning, lively, professional picture emails. With SendPhotos, your pictures are sent and received up to 25x times faster than if you had sent your pictures as standard email attachments. Receiving photo emails has never been simpler, as the photos and descriptions are embedded in the email so everything is easy to read, easy to find. No more struggling with attachments! The new Gold version allows you to create your own stationery templates and also perform basic editing functions such as removing red eye, cropping, and adjusting the contrast and brightness of your images. Export your specially designed photo emails to an HTML file for uploading and sharing on your web site. SendPhotos Gold integrates fully with Outlook 2000/XP and Outlook Express email clients, and also provides an intuitive and convenient email interface for users of any other email programs such as AOL, Eudora, Netscape, Hotmail or Yahoo. There are over 100 stationery designs to choose from when creating the photo emails. Designs appropriate for a wide-array of occasions are included: holidays, vacations, new babies, sports, hobbies, greeting cards, and more. Now supports all major image file formats including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, Kodak PCD, Kodak FPX, PNG, Photoshop PSD, and RAW. Sending digital pictures is now easy for everyone!

1. Send and receive photos up to 25 times faster!
2. Follow simple step-by-step instructions to quickly produce lively and impressive photo emails.
3. Make the most of every photo with easy editing tools; crop, remove red-eye and adjust brightness and contrast levels.
4. Choose from more than 100 fun and creative stationery designs.
5. Double-check messages to find and correct spelling errors and typos before sending.
6. Save your photo emails in HTML format for sharing on your Web site.
7. Create and share brilliant photo emails complete with colorful stationery backgrounds and NO attachments.
8. Make your own stationery designs by adding your company logo or just your own special artistic flair.
9. Use SendPhotos with any email program, including Outlook and Outlook Express, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Eudora and Netscape.
10. SendPhotos Gold supports a huge array of photo formats including JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, Kodak PCD, Kodak FPX, PNG, Photoshop PSD and RAW.
11. Make it easy on your friends and family by getting rid of all those cumbersome attachments. SendPhotos Gold opens the door to a whole new world of quick, easy, convenient photo sharing. Order today your friends will thank you for it!

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Publisher: Novatix Corporation
Date added: Jan 13, 2006
File size: 16760 Kb (16.36 Mb)
License:Shareware, $19.95
Homepage: Visit homepage
Screenshot: View screenshot
OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000
Keywords: sendphotos, send, photos, email, picture, share, digital, image, novatix, photo




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